Interactive ideas to keep participants engaged

*The goal is to keep people engaged by not letting them just sit there - every 3-4 minutes, find ways to have them interact with you or each other!

  • Soft opener - start your call 5-10 minutes before and have a video playing, music playing with a Scripture passage to reflect on, a word search for people to annotate on, etc - get people engaged from the beginning.
  • Use chat to ask questions - keep people engaged by allowing them to ask questions throughout the call OR you can ask the questions and ask people to respond. Read out the responses so people feel heard.
  • Use whiteboards, slides or videos - ask people to stamp, write or draw on them.
  • Call on people to unmute themselves and read with you/answer questions/give input.
  • Break people out into groups for discussion, prayer, etc
  • Ask questions by using polls
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