Zoom or Google Meets

Before you decide to use Zoom for your next meeting, you may want to first consider if Zoom is the correct choice for your needs. Google Meets is another option for web calling and web meetings, and there are some differences between Zoom and Google Meets.   

Feature Zoom Google Hangouts Meet
Meeting Type Professional  meetings, webinars, large group meetings Smaller meetings (Bible study, Discipleship Group, etc), 1-1 meetings
App Required Yes - can also join from phone but works better when the app is downloaded. An app is not required when joining from computer but recommended when joining from mobile device.
Can I record? Yes Yes
Hosting To initiate a meeting of more than 2 that lasts longer than 40 minutes, you must have a Pro Account. Any student or staff can easily initiate a meeting with a G-Suite account.
Can I share screens? Yes, many people can at one time if setting is turned on; you can also annotate the screen 1 person can share at a time
Additional Features
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Meeting Polls to ask questions and vote
  • Whiteboard for annotation
  • All Participant chat
  • 1-1 Participant Chat
  • All Participant Chat
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